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International Heavy-lifts Logistics

Main Services scope
Heavy-lifts vessel space booking;
Loading and unloading;Inspection
Warehouse;Lashing;Port services;
Inland trucking;Custom clearance;
Insurance; Document processing;
Supply chain finance services
DDP,DDU services for import or export cargoes;

ASB International OOG Logistics Services

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OUR CORE SERVICES--- International Project Logistics

We Focus; We Specialty

About ASB Logistics


ASB LOGISTICS---Your reliable international project logistics partner

ASB Logistics is international project Logistics services provider for global over size cargoes such as wind power equipment,transformer, shield tunneling machine,train,yatch,bus,pipes,oil drilling platform and so on.
ASB Logistics focus in Project cargoes,Heavy lift,OOG containers & RORO Logistics and Chartering business.
ASB Logistics services cover international project cargoes consultant;project logistics design; space booking;loading and unloading;lashing;inspection;inland trucking;warehouse; port services,custom clerance,insurance,document processing, supply chain finance services;door to door services for import or export cargoes.
地址: 中国深圳市深南东路鸿昌广场2110-2111
电话: 400-000-5956
邮箱: inquiry@asb-china.com; chartering@asb-china.com
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